Certificates Rates Increase

Certificates Rates Increase

June 1, 2018

We are happy to report that we have once again increased certificate rates as of 6/1/2018! At ACCU, profits earned by the organization are returned back to our members. One of the ways in which our members are paid back is higher certificate rates.

Certificates effected by this increase include:

  • 12 month: 1.63% APY*
  • 18 month: 1.93% APY*
  • 24 month: 2.25% APY*
  • 30 month: 2.37% APY*

Click here for our current deposit and investment rates.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of 6/1/2018. A minimum balance of $500 and a membership share of $5.00 required. A penalty will or may be imposed on early withdrawals. Dividends on all certificates are compounded quarterly. Insured by NCUA.